Hotel Advertising

PPC, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Ads, and Other Advertising Campaigns

Turn hotel advertising spend into profit.

Real ROI to boost your bookings or event attendees.

Various channels available depending on your business objective. 

  • Run campaigns that cover various channels.
  • Use a powerful combination of Google Ads and Facebook Ads for maximum ROI.
  • Promote special offers that are attractive but difficult to rank organically for.
  • Target your offers to your hotel segments with smarter campaigns. Firstly introduce your brand to the audience then remarket to those who engaged with an offer.
  • Target segmented audiences, boost traffic and conversions on your website for rooms, F&B and events.

Our Hotel Advertising Campaigns

Get your message in front of your target customer on the platforms they use.


Google Ads

Google Display

Google Remarketing

YouTube Ads


Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Social Remarketing

LinkedIn Ads


Bing Ads

Pinterest Ads

Travel Ads

Meta - See Meta Services

How it Works - Paid Advertising

Step 1

We always start with an audit of what you are currently doing. We find out what's working, what's not and urgent optimisations that need to happen. 

Step 2

We understand your business objectives, hotel segments, and accomodation features. 

Step 3

We establish a campaign brief what will outline suggested channels to use, tactics to deploy and budget allocation.

Step 4

After the strategy and tactics are agreed with create the assents, implement the campagins and continually optimise each element.

Facebook Ads

When you advertise through Facebook’s platform, you have four major placement options: Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger

Here is a summary of a the most common hotel advertising objectives we work with:  

  • Increase conversions on your website: Click through and
    measure specific action like Book Now or Fill in MICE form.
  • Traffic: Drive traffic to your website like a promotion page or rooms landing page.
  • Boost your posts: Extend the reach of your message on post
    already published.
  • Promote your page: Get people to like your Facebook page.
  • Reach people near your business: Setting a radius around
    your business and target local traffic, great for outlets.
  • Raise attendance at your events: Get people to see and respond to your
    F&B outlet event or special events.
  • Get people to claim you offer: Great for limited time hotel offers.
  • Get video views: Increase reach and view of your hotel video.
  • Increase brand awareness: Increase your hotel's brand awareness to a defined segment.

Before developing your ads, it’s important to choose your target audience. There are 3 main ones to choose from:

  • Core Audiences: You can plan targeted ads based onFacebook’s user data (e.g. demographic details and interests). i.e Target all Females who live in the Gold Coast between the ages of 30 and 45 who are married, have kids and their birthday coming up in the next 3 months. 
  • Custom Audience: You can use data from your website, CMS, mobile app or other sources to target ads to people you already know. (For example, you could upload your guest email database to Facebook and then target that audience.)
  • Lookalike: This means combining a custom audience with Facebook targeting to uncover a new audience (i.e. Facebook will use your database to find more people who are similar to them). 

Retargeting with a Pixel

A pixel is a piece of code that goes onto your website to track each visitor’s actions, and this can be a great help with remarketing i.e. connecting with people who didn’t perform the action you wanted them to do when they previously visited your website. 

Ads for the different levels

Different strategies work best depending on where customers are in the sales funnel: TOFU / MOFU or BOFU (Top/Middle or Bottom Of the Funnel respectively). 

For a TOFU audience (“cold” customer because they don’t know you), awareness and video views can be very effective because you’re looking to just introduce them to your brand at this stage. 

For a MOFU audience (i.e. if they know a bit about you), you could retarget them by directing them to a blog etc. For a (warmer) BOFU audience, a tactical or exclusive offer (e.g. Get free breakfast when you book online) can be great.

If you would like to see how Facebook Ads can benefit your property get in contact and we'll put together a strategy.

Google Ads

With so many options to get your brand out there for free in the social space, why spend money on advertising these days?

Well, Google is still the most popular search engine and it offers a great ROI to advertisers. Google Ads has a wide variety of options to fit your marketing objective and budget – especially because the Google family includes things like Display Network, YouTube and Maps. Google Ads work well because Google understand peoples’ search intents very well which you can tap in to.

Ad Types

There are three types of ads you can choose from: Search, Display and Video.

  • Search ads are text adverts that are displayed among search results on a Google results page.
  • Display ads are typically image-based adverts and these are shown on any of thousands of web pages within the Google Display Network.
  • Video ads appear on YouTube. 

Your Landing page

Your landing page is an essential part of your marketing campaign. Because it’s an individual page on your website created solely to entice a customer to book or to complete a specific action, a great landing page experience can achieve a high AdRank quality score, this improves your overall CPC as Google rewards you for creating a great user experience. 

Bidding Strategy

In Google Ads, the two most common bidding options are “Automated Bidding” and “Manual Bidding”. With automated bidding, you just set a maximum daily budget, and Google takes care of the rest by letting Google Ads automatically tweak your CPC bids based on market fluctuations.

Manual bidding gives you more control (e.g. you can adjust bids for each ad group or even each keyword) but it requires more work but that's what we are for. 

If you would like to see how Google Ads can benefit your property get in contact and we'll put together a strategy. 

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