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6 Social Media Content Ideas For Your Hotel To Use RIGHT NOW!


Guest experience extends much further than just what happens on property.

Guest experience extends much further than just what happens on property. Social Media is a perfect place for hotels to build connections with existing and potential hotel guests and enhance their hotel experience. Social media can be overwhelming! What exactly should you post to stand out and get people talking?

Here are 6 Social Media content ideas for your hotel. Have a read through and pick 1 to implement on your social media channels.

1. Shout-outs

Get a group of local businesses together where you all agree to give each other a “shout-out” on social media during the month. It could be the local ice cream shop or breakfast spot near your hotel. There is no monetary exchange, you are trading post for post to reach an extended audience.

Don’t forget to relate it back to your hotel – “Everyday is cheat day when you’re on holidays, so treat yourself to XYZ Ice Cream (just 2 doors down from us).”

2. Competition

Run a competition to win a stay at your hotel. You can do this in two ways:

  • Tag & Follow: This normally gets the person to follow your account, tag someone on the post and comment on why they want to win.

  • Follow & Fill out: Get the person to follow your account and fill in a form i.e getting the persons email address. If you choose option 2 you need to make it a pretty good giveaway for people to hand over their email address!

Crowne Plaza Melbourne recently ran a competition to win 20,000 IHG Reward Points. Followers were asked to “follow” their profile and comment “what their favourite thing about staying in a hotel is”. This post generated over 350 comments on Instagram alone!

3. On property incentive 

Encourage your guests to share their photos while they are staying with you. You might encourage guests to upload and tag the hotel in their photos while they are staying with you, and in return they receive a free dessert to your or a $10 Bar credit.

Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne uses #Adelphi_Selphi to encourage guests to snap a selfie and share on their social media. A simple note is left on the room mirrors – user generated content AND a chance to delight guests and their hotel experience #winning

4. Ask Questions

Simply asking your audience questions encourages ENGAGEMENT and prompts them to take action and get involved. Simple questions always work best:

  • If you could spend the weekend here kid-free what would you do?

  • Where is your favourite Melbourne spot?

  • Do you prefer mornings or nights?

5. Influencers

Invite an influencer to stay with you. It’s a way to generate fresh content to a larger audience, but make sure you have a contract with very specific deliverables in place.

Influencers such as Tara Milk Tea, worked with The Langham Sydney. She has a massive following and produces amazing Insta-worthy pictures that will be shared all over social media.

But don’t forget there are loads of benefits to working with smaller influencers who can land you some amazing photographs as well – as pictured below by Amanda Campeanu who worked with Crowne Plaza Melbourne.

6. Tribe:

This site allows you to connect with Influencers at scale. Most people think you need a product to use this service or the influencers need to stay on property BUT you can use it differently. The brief would involve sending them different photos/videos of your hotel and they would caption it for you; “It’s cold and windy here right now. How I wish I was staying here over the weekend…”


Don’t forget that social media is meant to be social. Use it as a platform to entertain, inspire, humour and empower your audience!


Katie Hokin

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Hello, I'm Katie Hokin, A self-professed hotel and digital nerd, servicing a number of hotels and resorts across the country with all things digital and branding. In addition to managing the performance of my hotel portfolio, I offer online courses that hone in on areas that hoteliers are not leveraging to their full potential.

Katie Hokin

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